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Current events:Our company was invited to“Red education culture in the city
In order to further implement the spirit of cadre education training discussion meeting in the city,Standard training base construction...[ For details ]
09Month08Day Shanxi C&Y Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd party excellent party member party spirit education class 
09Month06Day River wood is heavy“stay true to the missio Keep in mind that the mission”Subject education class 
08Month29Day Its hanzhong power supply company“Heart Liang Jiahe Yan river”The experience type teaching 
08Month18Day Anshan tobacco“stay true to the missio Keep in mind that the mission”The party spirit exercise class 
08Month10Day Company in zhejiang province“stay true to the missio Keep in mind that the mission”Subject education class(The second phase) 
08Month10Day Heyuan co., LTD2019DangTuanYuan red education base for the study in class 
08Month08Day Its electric power supply company in xian in shaanxi province the experiential education workshop(23) 
08Month08Day Its Chinese training center of zhejiang electric power co., LTD 
08Month28Day Cave flying out of red songs 
05Month04Day Let the yanan spirit emit the light of the new era 
05Month03Day Documentary literature《Liang Jiahe》2In shaanxi province 
03Month07Day Much,My yan 
03Month01Day The 19th of the communist party of China central committee third plenary meeting communique 
01Month31Day Yanan:“The golden apples”The secret 
01Month05Day Guo-zhong liu:Consciously draw strength from yanan spirit Shaanxi pursued beyond new compose the new era 
01Month04Day Yenan was elected“2017China's annual cultural influence city” 
01Month26Day One day training schedule 
09Month17Day Training schedule for 2 days 
07Month21Day Three days of training schedule 
07Month21Day Four days of training schedule 
07Month21Day Five days training schedule 
07Month21Day Seven days training schedule 
07Month21Day Eight days training schedule 
07Month20Day Ten days training schedule 
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Teaching resourcesMore and more>>>  
Yan 'an revolutionary memorial hall02-01
Phoenix mountain revolutionary site02-01
Yangjieling revolutionary site02-01
Zaoyuan revolution02-01
Wang Jiaping revolutionary site02-01
Nanniwan revolutionary site02-01
The Chinese people's anti-japanese military and political university museum02-01
Teaching is introducedMore and more>>>  
Wang zhi—China yanan cadre institute party associate professor of teaching and research section09-11
Jian wang—Yanan cadre institute, an associate professor in China09-11
Li Shiyu—Professor yanan cadre institute in China09-11
Kim h d—China yanan cadre institute party associate professor of teaching and research section09-11
Wang Jincheng—Professor yanan cadre institute in China09-11
Cui Ping—Yanan, a professor at the university、Graduate student mentor09-11
He had—Dr Yanan cadre institute scientific research in China、Associate professor08-28
Yanan spiritMore and more>>>  
The yanan spirit“Know again”04-21
Deep understanding of the living xi new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics of the spirit04-21
The party in yanan period, the cultivation of clean government03-19
Bethune in yanan02-05
Yanan spirit,Precious wealth12-16
Yanan spirit and time value03-27
Yanan:From victory to victory02-03
The student gardenMore and more>>>  
Heart Liang Jiahe、Inheriting the yanan spirit”Have learnt08-29
“stay true to the missio Keep in mind that the mission”Training class of subject education08-29
Training target11-29
In yanan party spirit education inductive learning06-22
Have faith in my heart At the foot of the powerful06-13
The object06-09
Policies and regulationsMore and more>>>  
About the printing《The central and state organs for management training》The notice01-27
My printing“Learn how to make a”Learning education programme07-21
Issued by the central committee of the communist party of China《The cadre education training work rules》07-21
Issued by the department《About strengthening ideal faith and in the cadre education and training07-21
My printing《2014-2018In rules of the party members' education training work throughout the country07-21
About the improvement work style、The relevant provisions of the close ties with the masses07-21
《The cadre education training work rules》07-21
Video on demandMore and more>>>  
Yanan city image promotion―Yanan05-24
The video:Coming from the background of people's leader05-05
Yan 'an mayor“Xue Zhanhai”Invite you to yenan complement calcium in spirit11-07
《Do the qualified members》The first ten episodes:Be qualified of the communist party01-31
《Do the qualified members》9 sets:The discipline and the rules in the front01-31
《Do the qualified members》The eighth set:The party are not allowed to have a special party01-31
《Do the qualified members》7 sets:To carry out criticism and self-criticism01-31
Xi yanan spirit
Jiang yanan spirit
President hu discussed the yanan spirit
Deng xiaoping yanan spirit is discussed
MAO zedong yanan spirit is discussed
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